Vintage Camp EDC

Designer (age 22)
Park City, Utah
This vintage camping EDC would make Wes Anderson proud.

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I saw the belt in another post by you. Does it cinch down well? Have you ever carried weight on it (I carry a small firearm and want to make sure it would hold up/support the gun)? Thanks!
The buckle stays put all day long. It cinches great! I personally have never put weight on it but I think other people attach holsters all the time. If you're wondering how much it will hold, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot1bGl8ESeQ
Thanks, just watched the video...I'm pretty sure it'll hold a gun now
I have my own now and love it, but it bends too much for a holster. Nevertheless, thanks for showing it, I am definitely going to wear it when I don't carry!
Never carry a sidearm regardless of size or weight on a non-ridged ridged belt. Use only a quality leather or purpose built nylon gun belt. You life could depend on something as simple as s belt. Not jumping you, just looking out for you.
Thanks, I took it the way you intended, so no worries. I usually use a leather or rigger's belt, from what I've seen, this one does not roll, but I'd absolutely be certain first.
I bought one, and it's definitely not a sidearm carry belt, but great for regular belt purposes (stays in place, no shifting, etc). Just mentioning in case you were curious about the belt. The buckle is what makes it great, though. I may do some Frankenstein work and put the buckle on a rigger's belt. Not sure.