What I carry most days

I obviously only wear one watch, so I try to rotate. The knives depends on what I'm wearing or where I'm going. For work, I mainly carry the Leatherman Rev. Everything else I always carry. Not shown is my phone (Droid Turbo) and my wedding ring (titanium, nothing fancy).

The D Ring is what I use on my belt to hang my keys. I've tried pocket hangers and bigger clips that hang off your belt loop, but this is better for me. You can move it where you need it, and you get no wear on your belt loop, and seems sturdier (I've had belt loops break before from wear and tear). Also, I used links from a titanium necklace I no longer where to lengthen how my keys hang for pockets that are more angled as opposed to just jeans, so my keys can go into my pocket.

The shell casing is from my father's funeral, and the pick is because I have played guitar for years, and it's just a habit to always carry one.

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