Pry.Me: The World's Smallest Bottle Opener

There’s no denying that a standard bottle opener key chain is convenient to have in the moment, but the rest of the time you end up with a clunky, unwelcome addition to your keys. Why can't you do the same amount of work with less? This is the fundamental idea behind the Pry.Me Titanium bottle opener. It doesn't have the iconic wave shape of most key chain openers or the wide rectangular opening of larger openers. It is just a nice looking adornment that waits in the shadows of your keys until it is needed.

Despite it small size, this Grade 5 Titanium opener has been designed to be strong, like ridiculously strong, like pull a car across a parking lot strong.

Go ahead, win back your key ring space with Pry.Me...the super small yet super strong bottle opener!

Check out Pry.Me on Kickstarter!

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