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Pistol is locked in a compact gunsafe next to the hawk in a NON-tactical looking Tom Bihn Synapse 19 backpack (in a hidden compartment behind an iPad & a level III composite shooter's cut plate.)
Stupid what we have to do here in LA County as it's nearly impossible to get a CCW. Really need to move out of Commiefornia.

The Greg Everett valet makes for a great place to put everything at night.

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Ohhh.. what's your take/review on your Dark Angel kit?
Their kits are really expensive but well put together. I took one of Kerry Davis' emergency trauma classes where he taught. We trained using his kits & were taught to deploy a tourniquet in less than 10 seconds using only 1 hand in the dark. Scary that the chinese have flooded the market with so many fake tourniquets & medkids. Buy once, cry once. I need to know that the medkits I have for my family's protection are the real deal. :)
Doesn't Winkler make the sweetest blades. I'm really wanting the WK II Belt Knife and a the Neck Knife. And I love the Redencion! Great carry. Too many guns lately. Ill have to replenish my fun funds and pull the trigger on those. Again truly great carry.
Thank you JS! Hope you're having a good weekend. :)
I got my Winkler hawk used on bladeforums.com. It was literally brand new & still in the box. USN members will also list their Winklers but often for a trade. Good places to save some $. Just check that the seller has some good buyer feedback & use paypal for added security.