Help me!! How can I fix this?!

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Thanks for the feedback. I went and purchased a 5 dollar sharpener at my local army navy store. It worked!
You could see about sending it to Boker for reprofiling. You might also consider sending it to a professional sharpener, like TheApostleP on Youtube. That'll definitely get you a better edge in the end, but spending 20-30 bucks to sharpen a knife is only really worth it on more expensive blades, IMO.
I would recommend a wet-stone, and a bit of patience. The Boker Nano steel is 440C and is quite easy to re-sharpen. You will properly always be able to sense a tiny notch on the edge, but it will not influence the performance of the blade.
Any input besides the obvious? I'm a novice when it comes to this
Use a sharpening stone