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Teacher (age 33)
Virginia, USA
The harp, lighter, and Leatherman usually stay in my bag to minimize scratching, pocket lint, etc. Everything else fits very nicely in pants/shirt pockets. Proud to say I use all of these items on a regular basis -- can't leave home without 'em!

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How about the Bellroy wallet? Is it any good? They aren't for free :/ i was considering a Java colored one, has this nice contrasting orange stitching. But they are very expensive. Is it worth the money?
The Bellroy is AMAZING! Its a little pricey, and I struggled with that. It was hard to justify spending a lot on something that's meant to help you hold money. Then I got it. This thing is LOADED with hidden nooks, crannies, and pockets. If you need more room than a 'minimalist' wallet but don't want to have the 'George Costanza' wallet, then this is a very attractive choice. I'm able to carry all the cards I need, and even some extra cash in the hidden bill pocket.
Man I haven't seen a Midori for a while. very cool. For bullet pencils I perfer the twist for its wider range of pencils it can take but the Midori is a classic.
Nice setup. Dig that Alpinist. Mechanical Seiko collector myself. How do you like it? Pros and Cons wise.
Thanks! The Alpinist is definitely my everyday watch. It's a little smaller than some of my watches (38 mm) but it fits my arm nicely. Definitely buy a new band with it because the one it comes with is poor. The band pictures is a Hadley Roma 20 mm. All in all it is a very beautiful timepiece that attracts a lot of attention!