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Love your organizer!
Thanks for the kind words. I dislike having sharp things poking my leg, so this was the best solution I could come up with to carry what I wanted while avoiding that discomfort. Everything lays flat and organized in my pocket. A couple other tricks to accommodate this EDC choice--- The intellikey doesn't require my car key to leave my pocket to unlock or start my car. Also I have installed a electronic PIN deadbolt on my house-- so no need for a house key in my pocket. Actually the only other key I carry is a Masterlock universal type key that I use around the job from time-to-time. If you look closely at my Micra, I have removed some unneeded tools, modified one of these Masterlock keys, and installed it on the Micra. it is the only item you see on the Micra underneath the elastic band-- where the tweezers used to be
I was wondering how hard/easy it is to get your tool in and out from that elastic organizer, it's interesting though.
It is not too difficult, but I don't retrieve items too frequently. My car key is an "intellikey" which means it doesn't have to leave my pocket to unlock or start the car. I do have to pull the whole setup out of my pocket to get to anything, and that can definitely cause some odd stares! I probably use the Micra the most, which is the most difficult to put back. But like anything after a few times I have mastered it-- the trick is to stretch the elastic band when putting the item back in. I should probably attached a small paracord knot to it... One day, right?
Great job on the elastic organizer. I've been wanting to make one myself for a while now...
Thanks, glad others are like-minded.

To make one is a breeze. I found an old unused item lying around my house with the elastic, but I think you can buy a roll of 1" knit elastic in many colors on Amazon for like $10 USD. My organizer was supposed to be a temporary setup to see how I liked it-- I used regular desk staples to put it together. I had plans to sew the next one but so far this one has held up great.

To make your own: Lay the elastic band over the items to organize, noting the length, and cut a little under twice that length. You may want to neatly trim the ends, and even melt with a lighter. Then double over and staple the loose ends on both sides. Turn inside-out, then add staples on both sides where you want the "dividers" to be-- make sure you custom fit these for each EDC item. Staple on both sides. Make the compartments in between the staples just a little smaller than the item-- it will stretch to hold the item in place very snug. Voila! Like I said, you may want to sew instead of use staples for a more clean look.
Thank you very much!