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Sometimes after hectic periods with a lot of overtime I need an extra day off. A good way for me to relax and get my focus back is to go on a three-day hunting trip, so I take a Friday or a Monday off and make it a long weekend.

Just because I take a day off does not mean the rest of the world is doing the same, though, so I need to be prepared to do a little work if something happens. Although my daily driver is a Lumia 950 (continuum is awesome), the BlackBerry PRIV with its slide out physical keyboard is what I bring instead, as I can type long emails, edit documents or do pretty much whatever else I need. With BlackBerry's great software enhancements I'd say it is the most productive (and secure) Android phone on the market.

The ZeroHour XD flashlight complements the phone, being both a 1000-Lumen flashlight and a 10000mAh powerbank. It will run the phone the whole weekend if needed, and for emergency purposes it has a built in SOS mode.

The F1 knife is the best knife I have ever had. It's great for skinning, etc, being just the right length for my index finger, which is important when cutting inside the animal. Used by the Swedish air force as a pilot survival knife, it is built as one solid piece of Swedish steel (probably the best steel in the world).

For cooking the Primus EtaSolo is great. The burner and gas is made so it fits inside it, making it incredibly compact. It boils half a liter in about two minutes (it fits 0.9 liters), perfect for a freeze dried meal. Everyone should eat out once in awhile ;)

The Jerven Bag is a very versatile bag that is used when sitting or lying still for long periods of time (very popular with Scandinavian special forces, and equally good for hunters). It has a conversion kit that turns it into a tent, making it useful both during the hunt and for setting up camp.

The rifle is a .338 Lapua Magnum, a great caliber for deer and other large game. With a good scope it is a great rifle for long range hunting. The downside is the weight, which is where the backpack comes in. The Eberlestock G4 Operator has a compartment (called a backscabbard) close to the carrier's spine for long rifles such as this one, making it incredibly comfortable to carry despite its weight. The backpack has room for lots of hydration systems like Camelback, and is really well made. It is also designed to be a shooting platform, with access to pretty much all compartments while used that way.

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Nice set up. Would love a open bolt shot.