XIV Century Knight EDC (war time)

This is what I usually wear on tournaments, representing the armor and clothing of a late XIV century knight, something he would carry everyday during war times.

Every piece of armor is made from steel (not stainless, this is XIV century). Full weight of this set is between 25 and 30kg, which is not very heavy, but it could be lighter.

In the photo is missing a belt with a small pouch, including some coins, a knife and a spoon.

This set is used in real buhurt fights, last one was the IMCF World Championship 2016.

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It's only a flesh wound!?!
Ni! But my orthopedist disagrees...
Nice! Super creative, love it.
Yes, but I'm looking for a folding sword by Historical Armory. Any dea where I can pick up ne of those?
Never seen that one, but I think the best would be to contact them and ask about it.