Wood, Briar, and Leather

Student (age 19)
Oak Park, IL
An updated view at my EDC, as I recently lost my CRKT Endorser (a wonderful little EDC knife if I may add). Anyways. I've recently acquired CRKT's M4-02W by Kit Carson, and I'm already in love. Other than that, its a pretty standard EDC by me. Everything I need in the classroom, at home, at work, or when I want to unwind and continue writing my novel, or read some Dostoevsky.

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Like the keychain compass. Where did you get it?
It was actually a gift for my graduation. It's got a Psalm on the back. So I'm not quite sure where it's from. It's a bit more for faith and aesthetic purpose than practical. However I'm sure you could find on similar on line. Mine works just fine as a real compass too.
I've been looking at a bunch of button keychain compasses online and haven't seen one nearly as nice as yours. Very cool gift!