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Daily essentials for a regular college student in SF.

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Did you make that camera strap? Its awesome!
I have not seen a bag like that in a while. Looks much better than they used to 15 years ago.
Same. I like that it's a sling. Wondering if it's worth the price.
How do you like the bag? It looks nice but it's flat design makes me think it can't hold much. Thanks!
Not OP, but I've had the DPSTCH Waist Bag since its release.

I wouldn't worry about capacity. Its front panel pockets are gusseted so they might look flat, but can expand if you need the extra depth. The main compartment has an internal divider/padding for a tablet or something. To really load it up, I would carry general pocketable EDC stuff (point and shoot, charger, keys, light, earbuds etc) in the front pockets. In the main zipper part, a rolled up rain shell, 16 oz water bottle, and a kindle or field notes in the back.

Given its long flat shape its not the best to really load up, but for carrying just a little extra for your day, it works. If I had a complaint, it would be the Fidlock snaps have some learning curve to them, and the bag has a hard time staying on my back since there isn't any stabilizing cross strap and it's pretty narrow.

I prefer DSPTCH's regular Sling bag, but it might be too big or heavy for some use cases.

Hope this helps!!