Typical Minimalist Carry EDC

Honolulu, Hawaii
My usual EDC, rotation of the SAK, knife and light are common, but these are my essentials. A designated 3" or smaller folder, a custom SAK with pliers and scissors and a Light.

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I am just loving all of your gear, so refined and unique!
Mahalo Aaron! Sorry dont come on here as often. Feel free to check me out on instagram, i post there a little more regularly. Dakine234_EDC.

Again appreciate the kind words!!
Great setup and carry.
Mahalo! Appreciate it! Feel free to check me out on instagram as well, I post there regularly. @Dakine234
Who did your SAK mod? Nice piece!
Mod was done by Robert Lessard, incredible fit and finish!
Now I've got to order one. My wife says "Thanks, thanks a lot".
Haha!!! I definitely know the feeling haha. There definitely top notch as far as SAKs go in my opinion. And Robert is awesome to deal with, turn around time was incredibly fast.
Awesome looking SAK! Who customized this? I also love the Dragonfly, looks really cool with the Nishijin handle scales. Thanks for sharing...
Robert Lessard did the mod! Absolutely love it, and the dragonfly is awesome! A little heavier for a small knife, but I really like it