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Good on ya for the medical gear! See so little of that going around.
Also +1 on the T.Rex Arms hardware!
Didn't start carrying med gear until recently. Read an article about it after the Orlando shooting that made me decide to pick it up. I have a few EMT and retired military buddies who are helping me with basic medical skills and knowledge.
I wish I could be confident doing the same... I've chosen not to carry med stuff because, unfortunately in this day and age, if I step in to provide emergency care, and screw something up, I'm getting sued. I can't risk that :(

Great choice on the Kershaw :)
It's not like I'm doing surgery. I carry basics. The most advanced thing I have is combat gauze and turniquets. Both of which can be properly used after just a little training.
Most states have some version of a Good Samaritan law on the books to protect you from getting sued for providing emergency care.
Obviously, don't do an emergency tracheotomy or set bones or the like without extensive training. But, as Ryan says, learning to control bleeding is pretty straightforward.
Besides, it's not necessarily about saving strangers. You could need it for friends, family, or even yourself.
I don't even carry my stuff for GSW or anything like that. The main reason I have it is for hiking adventures and possible mishaps along the way.