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This is my typical office carry, pens and knives may rotate. I like things that are timeless. The Esterbrook J is a classic fountain pen and can be found online restored in near new condition, its a great pen, but the Kaweco Sport also in production for many years is my most used/carried pen. GEC makes fantastic knives in old patterns, the SodBuster pattern is one of the older and more common. There are many notebooks out there but Leuchtturm 1917's are my favorite and have been around for years. So has Copenhagen and Omega Seamaster's for that matter..Except for the modern flashlight and phone which I chose a case and light of classic theme to match, these items could of just as well been carried during the 6 decades that Michener was writing books.

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The setup is great and the gear looks very timeless
Great setup and carry. It appears we appreciate some of the same items, Seamaster,Maratac and KSF pocket sleeve.