Packing for Black Hat & B Sides Las Vegas

Student (age 20)
Flagstaff, Arizona
I am a pure mathematics major and computer science minor, and I was recently awarded a nominated student pass from and to the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. I will be attending that con as well as BSides L.V. over the next few days. This is my complete EDC, arranged on the dinner table as a brief (entertaining) respite from packing, Greyhound ticket purchasing, etc.

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Also photo is low res because all of my items which take high resolution photographs are ironically in the photo, so I had to use a lower-end iPhone from a friend to capture this (ironically). Anyway, I apologize for not finding a better camera to use so the edges on that Mini-Morpho could shine through crispy-clear!
What L Bracket is this on the X-Pro?
It's custom made by some dude I found on a Japanese forum I google translated. It's actually probably one of my favorite gear items I own because it was hard AF to get my hands on.
Ok I tracked it down for you. So dude works for (or owns or something) this company: http://www.productanddesign.com and you can reach him at jm@milich.com. When I bought mine he said he only had like 2 of these left and didn't make any anymore, so good luck homie!
Wow thanks for the answer! I shot him an email