Life in Haiti

Missionary (age 22)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
While doing work with people, I'm always in need of these essential items! The backpack for the carry, among other things that aren't necessarily always with me. The iPhone allows me to both communicate with family and friends in the States as well as my Haitian friends and fellow workers here! The matches, USB, and headphones are good to have in a pinch but are used the least of all during the day. The wallet was given to me by my wife and has my name inscribed on it. However, the most important items in this EDC are my Hydro Flask and my Leatherman. It's so key to have water with you all the time here due to the heat one is constantly subjected to, it's just a bonus that the Hydro flask will keep my water cold all day! The Leatherman has become invaluable due to it's high-functioning abilities to complete tasks both large to small. I'm a missionary working with Jesus in Haiti Ministries, and this is my EDC!

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