The EDC that you don't see...covert tactical carry.

A few years ago, I pushed away from "tacticool" as times have changed and it's an advantage not to advertise, also, flag patched active shooter go-bag's as briefcase and lots military'ish looking gadgets are simply not palatable in a professional setting at an executive level. So I bought a Filson briefcase which I love, but it lacks storage for small things. But...it does not mean I can't be tactical at heart ? So this is my daily carry, it's heavily sourced from County Comm as they have a great selection of small and useful things. So in this bag, I am prepared for about anything at a minimalist level, all of which intended to be light weight and small. You will note the distinct absence of anything sharp. I travel upwards of 25 weeks a year, anytime I have left a knife or multitool in my bag, they are forgotten until just before boarding 5:30am flights and are added to the TSA collection . That being said, the small eyeglass sized philips on the machinist screwdriver will certainly puncture open the hardest to open airport snack, shss..don't tell the TSA that...But with that an the rest of the items, land yourself in the middle of any urban chaos anywhere in the world, or just stuck in Laguardia with a headache and a bunch of dirty bathrooms, and this compliment will give you a leg up on the rest.

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