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Light EDC for small bag & pockets. The Fellhoelter whistle was a splurge several years ago but in retrospect I'm really glad I got it. Love the slender ZT0450--with the blue deep carry pocket clip it practically disappears in jeans.

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I love this EDC! how's the wallet?
The Belroy Notesleeve is awesome! I used to have the Hide n Seek & loved it, considered it the Millennium Falcon of wallets with its hidden compartment, but I wanted something even simpler. Belroy's are built like tanks, so I gave it to a friend who continues to get great use from it. The Notesleeve used to come in 2 versions. The difference was that one was slightly deeper/taller than the other--for non-US paper currency that ran larger than an American-sized bill. Now it seems they only make one size. I got the taller/deeper version: felt it would be more convenient to tuck away bills securely. I've had my Notesleeve for a couple years. It's worn great, the deep blue leather is taking on a nice patina. The coin stash works well--though coin impressions will stretch the leather over time. This doesn't worry me, but something to consider. It has just enough space, but not too much--I'm not able to load it up with too many cards, receipts, or other misc wallet fat. The pull-tab works well for seldom used cards. There are days I miss my Hide n Seek, but the Notesleeve is marginally slimmer and it does what I need it to do. Very happy with it.
Now to pick a color. That blue looks great. Thanks for the great reply! 😃