Olight S1A

Engineer (age 26)
United States
Really been enjoying this little S1A that's BIG on features. Comes in at just under 1.3 ounces, but with just a single lithium AA battery it cranks out up to 220 lumens! This is most likely replacing my Microstream as my go-to small flashlight because of the versatility. Some features I really like are the multiple modes, the size and weight, and the brightness. Once you get used to the user interface, it's super easy to quickly get the brightness you want. I usually leave it on medium (50 lumens for 10.5 hr runtime), but you can easily bring the light on high with a double click, moonlight with a long press, or strobe with 3 clicks. The base is also magnetic, which has come in handy. The only drawback to this light for me was the single side switch. I usually prefer a tail switch for on/off, and it did take some adjusting of the pocket clip so that it wouldn't come on in my pocket by accident. Other than that this light has been solid! This is my first Olight but it definitely won't be my last!

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Anyone would like to test Olight flashlight . Feel free to contact lydia@olightworld.com enculde your background information .