Dentist EDC

San Francisco, California
As a person who works in the dental field these are my everyday essentials:

1. Dell XPS 13. Love this laptop for being practical, powerful, lightweight and thin. It has a white matte dBrand skin making it look clean and elegant.
2. Dental Loupes. Essential for everyday work. Prevents backache and eye fatigue.
3. Dental Floss. Super important. Floss at least once a day every day.
4. Low Budget headphones with very decent sound and amazing build quality. Enough to keep me entertained during my daily commute.
5. Battery Pack. Extra juice is sometimes necessary when there are no outlets around the clinic.
6. Nexus 5X. Very snappy and simple. This one is rocking a white matte dBrand skin with a black aluminium bumper.
7. Ginger candy. There are times when I pop one of these in my mouth in order to get some sugar boost. (Never forget to brush and floss after its consumption)
8. Have you ever tried wearing gloves and wash your hands repeatedly for 8 hours a day? Thanks to these my hands have been as soft as a baby's butt and fragrant as a fresh basket of fruits.
9. Pebble Smartwatch. As a person who works in the medical field having a device that lets you check your messages and notifications without the need to touch and contaminate anything around was a huge blessing. Also this one has a fancy Fossil leather strap I found for $5 on a store sale, what a steal.
10. Innergie Universal USB-C adapter. Super reliable, portable and practical. One charger for 3 devices. No more extra cords and plugs.
11. Gerber Knife. Only use so far: Opening shipping boxes. No need for fancy expensive knifes, as long as it cuts and folds I am happy with it.
12. Ninja sword pen. Important to take notes and patients love it.

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Love the gin gins. They're a personal favorite.