Knuckle sheath

Rph (age 36)
Houston, Texas
Using my leather working skills... 6oz vegtan leather and welt in the middle for stiffness . I have to redo it because it's really rough but this is a good prototype... Suppose I could use it for small folders like the buck 500 series

NOTE: not for self defense.. Just for looking cool???

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I've got a Heafner Little Bear which is the size of Bravo but in my opinion a stronger/better knife. Im a HUGE fan of and own BRKT knives, but Ken at Heafner Knives builds a bullet proof blade. Any who I know you said no resale but what would you want for one of these?
It's the bravo micro not the bravo... It's super tiny... I would stitch around each hole but there just isn't enough space..

How do you get a heafner? I was googling his name a month or so back and couldn't a valid website

Msg me on Facebook under username heespharm we can work something out
Check out Heafner Knives on Facebook. Ken is an incredibly awesome guy.
Cool idea. If you stitch around each knuckle hole it would dramatically increase the strength.