Air Traffic Control Managers EDC

Because my job involves so many facets I am inclined to carry many different objects throughout the day. It's imperative that all these items will fit in my pocket and outside my EDC bag. I open a lot of correspondence daily, from letters to large boxes filled with regulations. A good, sharp and sturdy knife is essential. My watch is set to two time zones. Local Time and UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, I am not alway around a UTC clock so I have to have the watch to coordinate the times when necessary. My phone goes with me, Everywhere! It is my most vital piece of EDC. I love to have a nice cigar while on break so I always have my cutter and lighter in my pocket. The flashlight is a bit self explanatory. If we loose power in the facility or have a fire its vital to have a bright light for escape down dark stair wells. I always carry a tactical pen as a primary heavy pen and a defense weapon. And it writes on the thermal flight strips very well. I have to carry these as I go up and down stairs all day and can carry my EDC bag.

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