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This is my normal light loadout. I like to keep the knife and light on the small end when I'm running from class to work. The Watch does a good job of moving from business casual for the office to casual when I change for class.

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...and time is money...
Better than Kydex is an opinion..060 & .080 100 Kydex is literally bullet proof. Boltaron is harder to work with and the is money in any business. Both are literally identical only in appearance do they differ.
You're totally right. For whatever reason, that's the way the item is listed under the everydaycarry.com database when I input "CYA Holster". No idea why. I went ahead and edited the item name, thanks for bringing that to my attention; I had no intention of seeming arrogant. It's a cheap little holster. My Stealth Gear is in the mail :)