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This is what I carry every day with me to school and everywhere else. Of course, on top of these things, I have my daily school materials, laptop, stationery, other writing materials, iPod, earbuds, charger, etc., but I don't consider those daily carry items because I don't consistently have them with me. This picture has everything that I take with me absolutely everywhere without exception.

As for HOW I carry it: phone and keys go in my left front pocket (and sometimes the prayer beads as well if they're not on my right wrist), the knife, pen, and wallet go in my right front pocket, the notebook goes in my back right pocket, and the watch on my left wrist. The flashlight is usually in my backpack as it just gets too bulky to carry, but if I absolutely need to have it on my actual person, it goes in my left front pocket. I try to avoid having anything other than the notebook in my back pocket as it starts to hurt my back after awhile if I'm sitting on a wallet or whatever. So, that's my everyday carry! :)

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