Maxpedition DEP Daily Essentials Pouch


Have you tried a pouch organizer yet? If you’ve seen what’s trending on the site, you’d notice it seems like everyone’s using one. Maxpedition, makers of the original wildly popular pouches, have stepped it up with their new DEP, or Daily Essentials Pouch.

It's from their Advanced Gear Research line, which employs a futuristic look by breaking away from traditional MOLLE straps and webbing. Instead, you’ll find technical fabrics, new features, and a modernized aesthetic. This small EDC pouch is like a scaled-down daypack with more than enough room to organize and carry your essential gear.

The main difference between the DEP and Maxpedition’s other packs is how it opens. Instead of zipping open like a book, it opens from the top — making it especially easy to access your gear without dropping anything. Inside, you’ll find mesh pockets and elastic bands for larger items. On the front of the pouch, there’s an external pocket that keeps your smaller gear in place.

The entire pouch can attach to a belt or larger pack with ease thanks to the new “TacTie” polymer straps with locking clips. Don’t need to carry a full bag? There are two D-ring attachments for a strap, should you want to carry the DEP by itself.

This unique tactical pouch represents a new direction for Maxpedition while retaining the build quality and thought out designs you’ve come to expect from the brand. If you’ve been looking to add some extra organization to your EDC, consider one of these new pouches by Maxpedition.

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Looks interesting! Thanks for pointing this out! I'd love to see someone comment or review capacity, quality, load-out, etc., comparing this to the Vanquest EDCM-HUSKY Maximizer ( that I've come to consider as the best pouch organizer I've ever seen. Anyone know how the two compare?