Casual EDC on a chill off day


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first of all, nice carry. but I want to say something, maybe it is not my job but I feel like I have to say it.

please stay away from your phone, sir. we saw a few reports about note 7 (about both old and replaced models). I hope it won't happen to you, but please give it back to samsung and buy something safe for you and your family or friends.
He's right, I just read about one this morning that started on fire while the person was talking on it. Luckily just lost their hair on the side of their head however it could have been much worse.
Why do you still carry pen and paper with a Galaxy Note around?
OK, I'll bite - because pen and paper don't blow up :-)
Now a guy with a Galaxy Note 7, can honestly claim, he is living life dangerously, playing Samsung roulette :-) I hope you don't mind a little ribbing. Be sure and use speaker, for phone calls, and be careful.
I thought it was illegal to carry explosives in Asia.