EDCs of a Gadget Freak & Flashaholic Banker

Banker (age 27)
Kolkata, India
Being a gadget freak & flashaholic banker, I love to carry many electronic items. As I am from India, I don't carry any Firearm or Knife though I am planing to buy a multi-tool soon. As I carry three micro USB rechargeable devices, I carry Xiaomi 20000mAh power bank too. The Hitachi 80GB Hard Disk is in an el-cheapo HDD case. I can't show what's inside the wallet for safety reason (The wallet contains PAN Card, AADHAAR Card, 5 ATM Cards, 1 Credit Card, Voter Card, Zip Lock Bag, Cash, Band-Aid, Coins, Photos, etc.). The Mini First-Aid Kit contains Different kinds of Medicines like anti-fever, anti-allergy, anti-diarrhea, anti-vomiting, pain-killer, q-tips, band-aids, etc.

Items not shown in this photo:
1. My Backpack
2. Water bottle
3. My Food Carrier
4. Umbrela
5. Other Official Documents

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