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As EDCers, we carry a lot of stuff to be prepared. Out of your whole kit, your phone is probably the one thing you have with you at all times. And with new phones getting bigger, they start taking up all the space in your pocket. But that doesn't have to mean you're left with less space for your essential gear.

Klecker Design's latest line of tools—called Stowaways—pack the most utility into your your phone's real estate. They're bite-sized versions of useful everyday tools, and by integrating specially-shaped slots into your phone's case, you can swap out Stowaways depending on your needs.

There are 13 Stowaway tools to choose from, from locking pliers to folding pens and knives, to bottle openers and bit drivers. With the 4 slots on the phone case, that means dozens of combinations to suit the day's loadout. 

Even better, you don't have to commit to the case itself. The Stowaways are compatible with popular key carriers like the KeyBar or KeyBiner, giving you additional options to streamline your kit.

There's only a week left to back your choice of Stowaways, so click on the Kickstarter link below to start doing more with less in your pockets.

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Though new this is still one of my most used pieces of EDC. It allows me to have a knife in places where they aren't allowed and also allows me to keep a pretty versatile multitool with me as well. I own all the tools aside from the comb (I'm bald) and the pen (I carry a micro on my key ring). They're easy to switch out when needed. TSA would still frown on flying with the knife, but the strap cutter should still be fine I think.
Word to the wise if you wanna carry these on a keysmart knock off make sure you change the the ring that connect to your split ring mine fell off and i lost my Stowaway knife flashlight pen and griffin