CRATE Modular Wallet


With most minimalist wallets, what you see is what you get. You choose your favorite material, then you get to fit in a set number of bills and cards. While this is convenient if you don't carry a lot of either, it doesn't leave you many options for expansion or customization.

If you need the latter, then the CRATE modular wallet could be the one you need. It features the light weight and small footprint that makes minimalist wallets ideal for everyday carry, but builds on its design by allowing modular components.

The secret is in its 5-in-1 plate design. In its most minimal layout, the CRATE uses a single plate and an elastic band to carry up to 2 cards and cash. Using all its plates, however, lets you pack up to 8 cards, bills, coins and small accessories, and even a special multitool called the K-Tool. You can use as many or as few plates as needed, saving you the trouble of switching to bigger wallets to accommodate more.

The CRATE comes in titanium, carbon fiber, or aluminum, which lets you match it with your EDC's aesthetic without weighing you down. It's thoughtfully sized for ease of carry even in its full configuration. So why should you still limit yourself to a regular minimalist wallet? Head to the Kickstarter at the link below and back a CRATE in the material and options of your choice.

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Pretty cool! One of those rare wallets that carries more than just cards and bills while keeping it slim!