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Sooo...what's with the modified sidekick. You took the blade out and replaced it with the scissors? And that worked!?!?
yes, I took the blade out since I usually carry a folder. It's been done a few years ago but I believe I put wingman's scissors in. I had to grind a bit to fit with my dremel tool but it worked nicely.
How is the core nano wallet working out for you?
I really like it. Especially it can hold extra small tools etc.
Quick question, he pocket organizer where you have your flashlight and other 3 tools, did you make that yourself or did you buy that from somewhere? I've been really looking for something like that. Thanks!
I bought a journal band pen holder a while ago and it was getting old so I re-purpose it (cut out the damaged section) as a gear holder. Might be easy to make too. Hope this helps. https://www.etsy.com/shop/cleverhands?ref=l2-shopheader-name
Thank you brother, i will definitely check it out! Nice work in finding use in something uncommon 👍🏽
That's really clever -- great ingenuity on display!