Creative Day EDC

Motorcyclist (age 25)
McAllen, TX
This EDC took time to cultivate. It was brought together for spontaneous street photography and long sit down writing sessions while I people watch. Practical easy to read watch, compact metal body camera and no bulk pocketable keys and wallet combo.

A typical scenario: I've been at work or at the apartment all day and I need to get the creative juices flowing without being unprepared. My keys, wallet, phone, watch and knife are already on my person so it's easy to grab the journal, some pens, the Pentax and just take off.

I am an avid Kickstarter Backer so you'll notice my wallet and keys are from Kickstarter.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Titanium Pocket Tool fit perfectly into the KeyDisk, the design lover in me was very satisfied with this because I can carry a multi-tool without any additional bulk or key rings, the tool is slim and robust in the key organizing system and slides out like a pocket knife blade would ready for use of all its tools!

The pen is mightier than the sword but great men know to carry both. The Crown is very stylish and inexpensive so I can lend it out if I need to without a worry of losing it.

Focusing on tones I definitely avoid tactical anything, I feel it is too much. "Less is more" is definitely true in my eyes and I wanted to come across with matching black and clean metallic silvers across my EDC.

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Love the kit! I still rock my ME Super and my K1000 from time to time. Solid piece of kit.
Kudos on the Pentax & Superia!
Awesome. I use that Pentax lens on my Sony and love it.