Pocket/belt carry for the first few days of Recovery/Restoration after Hurricane "Matthew", Southeast Georgia.

South Georgia
The Power Crews, Tree Clearers, Gas and Water Utility teams made short work of the lack of services due to wind/microbursts, and twisters (?) Flooding was certainly not the issue here that was unfortunately seen up the coast from Myrtle Beach to Eastern NC.

There were a few instances of looting; fools dragging an ATM out of a boarded up Pharmacy, breaking into a car repair place, etc. The Judges will likely bring an extra canister of ass whoop to the bench when the cases come up.

The widespread presence of LEO's (City/County, GA State Patrol, Forestry, Parks, Public Education) backed up by GA Natl Guard's uparmored Humvee's in flying columns sporting tough hombres with LE6920's kept the neighborhoods very quiet and polite. That, and most homeowners in the South understand Castle Doctrine and have the reasonable power to enforce law and order until authorities arrive. Fortunately events did not by any stretch of the imagination escalate into Citizens having to defending their neighborhoods from affray and riot.

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