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Did I mention that I love engraved objects and watches? When I first saw Glen Mikolajczyk's steampunk folder, one of only two unique steampunk pieces that he made, I knew I had to have it. I love getting it out every now and then when I feel like going a bit fancy with my carry. Roman Booteen always knocks it out of the park with his engraved coins, and I just loved how he accentuated Wonder Woman's features in this piece. Funny story on the UTS Adventure... I had "loaned" it to my son to wear a few years ago. He went off to college in 2013, and after about a year I started wondering where it was. Neither of us could remember if he had given it back to me, and I searched all through his room and my room at that time. The watch had disappeared, and was a mystery to me for the past couple of years, until yesterday when I was searching through Loot Crate boxes in his room to try to find a Space Invaders necktie for my other son to wear to "dress up day" at school, and boom - there it was, along with a bunch of knives I had given him. Never did find the Space Invaders necktie.

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