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Barranquilla, Colombia
My EDC is the work of years and years of searching for amazingly designed functional things to carry. My moto is "Spend more in the present so they will still be there in the future."

I am a man that spends so much time indoors that when I come out of the "cave" I go all out and explore the beautifull world we live in. That's why my EDC is both, large for everyday carry, but small for every situation. I need to carry things that won't take to much space and weight me down when I decide to go anywhere I fancy to.

I encourage you, the reader, to explore as much as you can, travel. Also don't be afraid to spend more in quality things because they will last you forever and they'll become part of you and however you decide to leave them to, like my lighter that has been passed down for many generations and with enough care it will be for as long as time allows.

Thanks for reading and remember,
Be bold.

Andrés Fernando De Moya y Mugno

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That glasses case is phenomenal. Where did you get it?