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My favorite metal - bronze. I love bronze because it takes on a life of its own through use and wear - it evolves with its owner over time. For example, my Panerai Bronzo looked like rose gold when I got it brand new. It is the watch I wear the most often, and it has taken on an amazing patina over the years. I have never polished it. I was excited that Jens Anso took my suggestion to source some CuSn8 bronze alloy for a special edition Monte Carlo. Jens ended up making 3 Monte Carlos and 3 V3 Carabiners from CuSn8 and stamped them "382" in tribute to the PAM382. The three sets went to three owners of PAM382s. The Bushido Snailor in bronze - a collaboration between Jesper Voxnaes and Steelflame - is arguably one of the most desireable grail snails out there, and I am very thankful that it was offered to me by its original owner.

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Perfect EDC!
Especially love your bronze Panerai - one of the most beautiful watches ever made IMHO.