Post Game pocket dump

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Traveled to a WVU football game, after the game I emptied my pockets and laid them on the dresser at the foot of the bed in my hotel room and walked away to unpack a couple things from my Timbuk2 weekender (not pictured.)

A little while later I - as I walked past the dresser - I noticed that I had mostly laid my stuff out in "EDC Grid Style" without even realizing. So naturally I had to take a picture. After some slight tweaking (mostly straightening out the key chain instead of it laying haphazardly at the top of the grid) I snapped my picture and here we have it.

Even when I'm NOT trying to set up an EDC photoshoot I can't help myself hahaha...

This is pretty much my absolute everyday pocket contents with the exception of my trusty Kershaw knife...I left it at home because I figured a (legal) switchblade knife (essentially) wouldn't have been too popular with security at the stadium.

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