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I've finally made it to not carrying any mechanical keys!!

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Great load out. What do you think of the microtech? I'm constantly on the verge of picking one up, but need to know if they are a good as advertised.
I was on the line also. I love it! Perfect size and I like how the clip allows it to set further down into the pocket than typical clips on knives. The action is tight and the blade is solid. I would recommend it for sure. Worth the $$.
I wish I didn't have to carry any keys but my apartment requires two and a big plastic fob, plus my old car doesn't even have keyless entry. Did you put electronic locks on your house? Also-cheers from a fellow male nursing student!
I completely understand the issue with the apartment. I tried to get my apartment to go to electronic locks several years ago, or at least let me put one on my door, NO LUCK! I have a house now with a garage door. I keep a spare house key in the car incase I get home and the power is out and the electronic garage door won't open. Best of luck brother on nursing school!
Hats off to both of you, going into Nursing. I was a medic in Vietnam, and after getting home, went to Nursing school (when males in that field were almost non-existence). I am now retired after 36+ years with VA, and never regreted making that decision. Veterans are wonderful to work with, and very appreciative of their care.
Robert, first off, thank you for your service! Even today, in a class of nearly 60 students, there are only 7 guys in the class. Times are changing, slowly but surly. I would love to work in a VA facility if there was one close to us. Some of the clinics are now popping up around us so maybe I can look into one of those. Nearest VA hospital is 70 miles away. Stay safe and I hope your enjoying retirement.
Thanks a lot! I actually graduate in about two weeks, so I'm super excited! Best of luck to you as well!