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Lincoln, Nebraska
The holiday season is coming up, as is the wedding, so I decided to button down and finally get an EDC notebook and leather notebook case to document all of the little things I forget throughout the day (Such as gifts, last-minute invites, random stuff around the house I need to fix up and get ready before the big day). The Hitch and Timber Notebook Caddy is a really awesome product that I can definitely stand behind, from carrying my slipjoints and fountain pens when I'm out and about to just carrying a couple of pens at work, it's definitely a durable little notebook case that I'm looking forward to carrying for years to come.

Other than that, I haven't really added that much to my collection in the past couple months.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Enjoy it responsibly.

Cheers, Stan

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Love those Northwoods! Carry my Michigan Jack Blue Camel Bone #12 daily. It's got a great patina and character now.
Fountain pen looks more clear than orange!!
Yeah it's clear. Sorry about that! Uploading on mobile sites is a pain sometimes.
Just beautiful.
Great and classy EDC, very respectable and useful. Congratulations on the big day brother may God bless your marriage for years to come.
I like Your Seiko ;)
nice watch&Northfield

fixed it.
Thank you! I'm loving the Burnside jack so far.
They grow on ya. Wait till the addiction starts and KSF is all you are constantly looking at and searching.
Ever since I saw the 'Northwood Steve' on GEC's website, I've been scouring their website daily for updates. I already have the sickness.