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New Delhi, India
Qto-X has been designed in such a way that it fulfill many of your daily needs. Where diffused moon light makes it multitasking accessory, and snap on magnetic activation add fun to your daily routine. Whether its a flash light, a table lamp, headlamp, a candle or a lantern, Qto-X fits everywhere.

For whom Qto-X is designed for?

We always look for safety equipment and other products to bring joy, comfort and safety to our family, but what about when they go out??? Many situations comes when one need a light to fight against darkness, and it’s obvious that when it come to choice Women and teenagers today are very sensitive, none of the product today give them an urge to carry one with them.So we asked ourselves: is it possible to create a light for them?

And that’s how Qto-x was born. Ease of use, color options, sleek, simple, fashionable and minimized built make it available not only for men but for women, teenagers and kids too. Clip it to your key chain, carabiner, bag, purse or just slip it into your pocket.

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