Vintage French EDC

Lyon, France
This is a vintage french edc.
Each of these tools were made in France. (Not the watch who is from Switzerland but with a lot of french skills).

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Very classy and well curated. I've never inspected each item as thoroughly as I did with yours. No opinel? Douk douk is a good looking, though lockless, folder for this kit. Alarm clock?
Thank you for your comment !
Opinel is a really good brand too. But i prefer the history of douk douk who is made near my hometown. The Douk douk is more convenient because he is finer (to put in the pocket for example). The blaid is made with carbon inside the iron so she is very sharp. Douk douk has no lockless but another system of notch (when he is oponed it's difficult to close it, so he can be used like a weapon). As you can read, i'm a douk douk adduct, everywhere i go, he goes with me. You can read my facebook page about douk douk : @doukdoukfans (there are an article in english). Have a nice day.
I just got a Douk Douk. I love the old style knives: Opinel, Mercator, Svord, etc. So I'm happy to add this to my collection. I definitely see why you like them. It's a bit smaller in the hand than I thought it would be, but not too small to be useful. And the friction lock keeping it open/closed is pretty strong, moreso than expected. Of course, the engraving is so unique. I see why you like them. I love my modified Opinel as a daily carry, but I know the Douk Douk will be a great camp knife as well as a more discrete knife for when my wife makes me dress up. A la tienne!