My Everyday Carry II :)


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Hey-quick question. How do you like your Bear Grylls knife? I have the same one and found it to have a disappointing amount of vertical blade play.
Really sorry for reply late, Thank for told me about this knife. Really someday i can carry it when i going to city because my county strict about weapons in one day i few use knife ,but i agree with you about vertical blade. I like Bear Grylls knife because design and color. Really i don't know much about knife i just beginner . Thank you for question.
I've been carrying mine more regularly and was able to put a nice edge on it with my Spyderco Sharpmaker. I've found that it's pretty solid actually. Thanks for answering my question!
No problem, thanks for asking.
WOW Spyderco Sharpmaker , I 'm searching Picture in Google it so cool thanks for advise me 🎵