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Pearls band is a wrist wearable device that helps you in monitoring your health, workouts and fitness enthusiasts. The Pearls Band automatically monitors your health and tracking your steps and analyzes them to give you relevant information that will help you to improve your health and fitness. The Pearls Band also functions as a standard fitness tracker keeping track of your activity like continuous heart rate, sleep and also providing notifications of your phones. Pearls Band keeps you up to date with important but commonly forgotten health issues.

The Pearls Band also includes camera functionality that allows you to access the phone’s camera through its camera function accessibility. Thus Pearls Band is a stylish and affordable solution to track our fitness and health goals through a wearable device that everybody can carry anywhere. Through its innovation and versatility, some of the health monitoring features of Pearls Band includes

· Blood pressure

· Blood oxygen

· Health Status

· Sleep Monitor

· Fatigue level

· Sedentary Reminder

· Health Care tips

· Heart Rate monitor

· Burned Calories

· Steps

Pearls Band is more than just another fitness tracker; it not only features health tracking, but also includes smart tracking features. Pearls Band can also monitor results on your phone with its connected apps. You can also receive notifications of your social account on your band without taking out your phones.

Some of the smart tracking features include

· Water and Dust Proof

· Fast charging

· Connected GPS

· Caller ID tracing

· Smart Alarms

· Notifications

· Speed Monitor

· Distance Covered

There are numbers of fitness bands in the market, and among various fitness tracker bands, Pearls Band is one of the best fitness tracker band that helps track your daily activities. Pearls Band keeps you up to date with important but commonly forgotten health issues.

Pearls Band has set numbers of perk for people, but among them the $79 Early Bird Special is already sold out. However, there are many more options that you can choose, so hurry up and don’t missed the opportunity to get Pearls Band at special offer price. To know more about Pearls Band or to choose your suitable perks, visit the campaign at https://igg.me/at/pearlsband

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