Basic EDC for office days

Been trying to incorporate more local brands in my EDC like the headphones and the watch. Also, I've been attempting customize even the little things - like the garter for my DynoMighty Wallet and the bands on my paracord bracelet (I can strap a flashlight on there).

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Hi. Nice EDC. I'm also from the Philippines. I have been interested in leather EDC materials lately. I plan to build a mostly leather edc setup. I was just wondering where you got your leather cable organizer? Thanks
Thanks! You can find them at the Common Room in Power Plant/Rockwell, but I think the actual company that makes them is called PunchCrafts. I've only seen 2 colors (The one pictured & black) at P80 each.
Been wanting to buy a Kawayan Watch for a while! How do you like it?
So far, the watch has held up nicely. It's recently been rained on (which was a concern of mine from the start) and it still works fine. It's surprisingly lightweight as well. The only thing I wish they'd change is the watch face - I think they just pasted on a wood print sticker on there and it made the over-all watch look 'cheaper' - for lack of a better word.
Thanks! I've been wanting to build an all-Pinoy carry for a while now and Kawayan has been on my list a while (the all-black one). That's sad to hear but I guess from afar it doesn't affect the look too much. Salamat!