New EDC Setup

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Jakarta, Indonesia
My current EDC Setup, still mixing some of the new with the old one.
Got myself a replacement for my old bulky 60D, and it's small and compact enough to be carried around in my messenger back.

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Where did the replacement scale come from for the Southard?
It's a custom wood scale, made by craftsman here in Bali.
I can give you the link to the maker if you're interested :)
I'm using an a6000 with the default lens too. Kind of wished I found a less obtrusive way to bring the camera around with my backpack.
I usually wear a messenger bag or a sling bag, since it's easier to access my camera, and I tend to remove the eyecup to make it into a slimmer profile, especially with the 16-50mm, or the 20mm. I prefer this 30mm though, works pretty well for me.
My camera came with a small canvas bag that can be used as a sling or an addon with other bags but I'm already wearing a backpack.

I guess I can attach it to my belt if its any consolation.