My Fall/Winter EDC. 44/M/Digital Nomad currently roaming Montana/Wyoming

Digital Nomad (age 44)
Jackson, WY
My setup changes quite a bit, as EDC has become an obsession. I will vary my CCW, but if I have the Taurus TCP 380 I will usually have a mid or full size pistol carried 3 o'clock OWB under by Fall/Winter jacket. It varies between the Colt 1911, Glock 22, H&K VP9, FN Five-Seven, CZ P-07, or Glock 26. I usually HATE Taurus but this little 380 is the lightest, most accurate and reliable mouse gun I've ever fired.

I am also a flashlight junkie and have about 20 that I rotate. I watch budgetlightforum and candlepowerforum as well as mtnelectronics and skylumen for deals. I can usually find AMAZING lights for 30-60% off. I have Zebra lights, O-Lights, NiteCore, Fenix, Lumintop, Convoy, AstroLux, Streamlights, and more.

Rotate between blades as well: a few Benchmades, Micro techs, ZT, Spyderco, SOG, Buck and ESEE.

Sunglasses: Gatorz, Oakley Gas Cans, Ray Bans of various styles and a pair of Natives

The back of my Truck usually has 2-3 rifles: Daniel Defense DDm4v5 in Earth Brown, a custom Howa 308 from Sniper Central, and usually my 20" 6.5 Grendel and an old Polish AK-47. Also carry a 300 Blackout upper and a 458 SOCOM upper. 3 Ammo Cans. Zeiss Spotting scope, Sand bags, shooting sticks, Cleaning kit, Range bag, shovel, Axe, Various Fixed blades, small generator, sleeping bags, pads, Walkie Talkies, GPS units, and an Iridium SAT Phone

Also in the back in a home made level 1 and level 2 FAK, Black DIamond 3 person tent, Everest Camp Chef Cook stove, folding table, fishing equipment, as well as 3 different sized packs, preloaded with various items: 1 Kelty RedCloud 110L loaded for 7 day trip, 1 Kelty Redwing 50 loaded for a 3 day, and 1 5.11 Covrt 18 backpack I use for a Daypack. One giant duffel bag with 3 days worth of clothes for entire family winter and summer. And a lot of S.O.S. 3600 calorie bars, Datrex water pouches, and Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals.

Since I basically live on the road, I tend to use a lot of this stuff and am not just some paranoid prepper. I'll camp out in various spots all over the Western Mountain states in Spring, Summer and Fall, and then usually spend winter months in hotels or with friends. Im lucky enough to have a few acquaintances who let me stay at their vacation homes in the winter while they are in some warmer part of the country in their main home.

My next purchase is probably one of those awesome new Van/Campers. They are incredible. The Mercedes SPrinter is on my list, but it's as much as a cheap home. But id surely put it to use!

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Welcome to the community. Nice set up. Love those 1911's. You 3rd GRP?