NYE Wedding Day Pocket Dump

Lincoln, Nebraska
So, in true EDC fashion, l've got to post a shot of my wedding day pocket dump. (ETA 2 DAYS!)

I'm 26 years old and finally getting married to the most incredible woman on the planet on New Years Eve, and thankfully she's totally down with all of my ridiculous EDC stuff.

Being a knife guy, I knew that I NEEDED a Damascus wedding band. No exceptions. And since her rings are rose gold, I needed a ring with a rose gold inlay to match. The cufflinks were my early wedding gift from the soon-to-be wife, and they feature a photo of my mother, who passed away on my last day of high school, just about 9 years ago, and I love them. I purchased the GEC Beer Scout specifically for the wedding day with two reasons in mind; 1: It's got a freaking bottle opener, what a perfect wedding day knife, and 2: The beer barrel oak covers go really well with the rose gold / copper look. Other than that, everything else is just cool stuff that will fill my pockets and go on my wrist to be as fancy as possible for the big day!

Happy new years, all! Cheers!


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Thank you so much Bernard!
Congratulations man. Nice pen
Congrats man. Awesome new years gift. Best of luck to you both
Thanks dude, I appreciate that!