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Machinist (age 21)
Charlotte, NC
When I am not at work or at the firehouse I try to carry the least amount of stuff that I can, so here I just carry my essentials knife, pen, flashlight. I also like to carry my trusty sharpie never know when you are going to need it. also I recently changed from my key bar to a niteize key chain. lastly I added some new grips to my benchmade griptillian, they are made by Applied Weapons Technologies and I love them. they are made of 6061 aircraft aluminum and are offered in many different colors and for multiple production knives such as the mini griptillian, and tehe spyerco paramilitlary line.

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First time I've seen that sst Sharpie. Does it work as good as it looks? I was thinking of adding a marker for projects out and about.
Hey Todd, are those custom Ti handles in your griptillian? Haha just read your post. Great!
Glad you read through the post I was tired of the plastic feel of the factory handles I love the new grips very much and they take a beating at work