6 New Year's Resolutions for a Better Everyday Carry


With a new year upon us, it's always a good idea to take a step back, empty our pockets, and take inventory of our everyday carry.

Hopefully you've gotten your EDC to a point where it kept you prepared through the past year, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

Taking a good look at what, how, and why we carry what we do and how it helps us—and more importantly, looking at the areas where it doesn't or can't—lets us build an even better EDC.

To do that, you might need to make a few changes, so we've made a list of “EDC resolutions” worth giving a shot this year.

Try them out, shake up your EDC, and who knows—your new setup just might prepare you for an awesome new year.

1. Be More Organized

See the Best EDC Organizers

We can all strive towards keeping our essentials tidy and organized. It makes things easier to find, harder to forget, and can help remind you to keep the rest of your life in order.

One of the best ways to do it is with a pouch organizer or gear sheath, or find a bag with plenty of pockets—anything and everything that keeps your gear close and within arm's reach the moment you need them.

2. Carry Less, Do More

View Hans's minimalist EDC

If you're not perfectly satisfied with every item in your carry, this is a good place to start. It's all about zeroing in on your most essential gear, and letting go of excess and dead weight.

Think about the gear you use the most that you get the most value out of, then invest in upgrading those items. For example, say you spend a lot of time at work cutting things or writing notes. Considering the time and effort you'd save, upgrading to a sharper knife or a more comfortable pen would be worth it.

As for the gear you barely use, try to minimize. That could mean downsizing an item to a backup-sized version, consolidating a few tools into a small multi-tool without sacrificing functionality, or cutting it out of your EDC entirely.

When decluttering, be sure to donate your tools to friends and family who could use 'em.

3. Be Better Prepared for Emergencies

View Mike's Altoids tin first aid kit EDC

Maybe your carry feels too minimal, and you want to have more options just in case. Consider a first aid kit, emergency tools, or even just having smaller backups on you or in the places you frequent, like your car or office. Maybe the weather is unpredictable around your parts and you would benefit from keeping a portable umbrella or packable rain shell in your EDC bag. A great way to ease into this is by starting small, using an Altoids tin to build out your emergency kit as shown by Everyday Carry member Mike above.

4. Cover More Bases

View Derek's winter EDC

A common phrase in EDC is “have your bases covered.” Put simply, have a tool for every main task: cutting, illumination, starting a fire, etc. Plug up any holes in your EDC’s capabilities and make sure it's able to handle all the needs of your day, whether work or play.

5. Express Yourself More

View Chris's blue EDC

At a basic level, your EDC should meet your needs when it comes to practical usage and functionality. But your carry has the potential to be highly personalized, and it’s a great way to express yourself.

Once you’ve got your practical essentials down, don’t be afraid to experiment with personalizing it — that means accessorizing it, switching up colors/aesthetics, or throwing in some sentimental or fun items if it improves your day-to-day.

The past few years have given rise to things like tops, spinners, and fidget tools, and the market is wide open as far as making your EDC unique and truly something that tells a story about you.

6. Carry Something New

View Johnny's EDC

EDC is a highly trial-and-error process. And like most things in life, to make something better means having to leave your comfort zone. Try carrying something new in your EDC that could be handy; you’ll never know unless you give it a shot.

A handkerchief, a minimalist wallet, a small flashlight, a notebook... any or all of these could be gamechangers, and might improve and enrich your day in ways you never thought of before.

What are your EDC goals for this year, and how are you planning to reach them? Let us know in the comments below!

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If you want amazing handkerchiefs, go here
Good article. Just bought a watch to add to my EDC. We'll see how it goes as I have not worn one since the last century.
What knife is in the author's photo? The scales on that SAK look like leather.
It's a Hunter, but the leather scales were custom/DIY. No info on where to cop unfortunately
Thanks for the info.
These are some good tips. I really need to go through ALL of the EDC gear and purge things that aren't being used.
Carrying less but doing more and subsequently carrying something new will start a vicious cycle within myself to search and carry more fancy gear.

I didn't regret getting a Lamy Safari for myself on New Year's Eve though.
That's a great pen. Sad that as a lefty I can't make the most/best use of fountain pens. :(
I have notebooks (write in rain, etc) in car, in bags, etc. ,but I stopped carrying on in my pocket when I realized I was using my memo app, in my phone, almost all the time....just food for thought.
Same for me, all my scheduling, planning, and even writing for this site is all with online tools. I stopped using my 2016 planner about halfway through the year, haha.