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Though my company's primary product is removable wedding rings for active men, I have several other things I'm working on. What do you guys need that isn't out there? Freebies for good ideas!

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Looking for good ideas? I have been in the market for a non-conductive ring. I am an engineering student and spend a lot of time working with my hands and as a result I'm always worried I'd arc a car battery if I wore a wedding ring. The only solution I've seen so far are those hideous silicon bands.
Hi Aaron, my rings are all about removing "before" you do risky activities. But... if you want to always keep your ring on, not sure about durability, but there are probably some cool hardwood rings being made.
Beautiful watch! Thought it was a Cartier Santos (I have my Grandfather's two tone in the octagonal shape but its too small and dainty looking on my wrist, use it as an heirloom piece that sits in my watch box). Love that you made a modern size version! Did some research on your company's work, very cool stuff!
Thanks Ian. Yeah, Cartier Santos are very cool, but decidedly "dainty" as you said.Keep an eye out- I'm hoping to do my own design later this year. It will share many ideas of the Santos, but be pretty modern in style. Jeff
When I go to the gym I tie my ring into my shoelace but I worry about it coming untied. A pouch for shoelaces would be cool.
Pouch sounds cool, but I'm sticking with machined metal products for now. My necklace?