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Not pictured; Canon T6i and Manfrotto be free tripod.

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Awesome thank you i think ill go head and get one
I think you'll be happy with it.
Is that Benchmade CLA a good edc knife?
Yeah the CLA is a great lightweight auto. For its size, weight and price I haven't found another automatic/switchblade that's better. I own and have owned Benchmade, Microtech, Gerber, SOG, ProTech and other Automatics and can't honestly say that.
Nice knives, but why need four?
Fixed blade for hard use, auto for back up to pistol, slip joint for sheepish people and the Cadet I don't consider a "knife" but my multitool. Unfortunately in today's time you have to carry for any situation and some people genuinely get nervous and scared we a 6' 1" 215 bearded tattooed man whips out a fixed blade or auto but not their granddad's slip joint.
I see, actually I like the slip joint the most. What kind is it?
Northwoods Michigan Jack in Blue Camel Bone. It is #12 of 81.